4 seasons of free shoots

Free shoots

In addition to your main senior session this summer, you’ll have access to tons of shoots throughout the year – all free!

Personal phone app

After completing each shoot, all finished images will be loaded onto your custom photo app. This will act as your digital model portfolio and will grow with you as finish each shoot.


As a Model you’ll automatically get 10% off anything you order, from wallets to metal prints to albums!

First, the shoots

Why be basic with only 1 shoot to showcase your senior/junior year? As a model you’ll receive 5 unique sessions throughout the year!

Winter session

This shoot will have a cozy winter wonderland look and showcase sweaters, hats and snow!

February 28th 2021

Urban or Fields session

1. Urban photoshoot featuring lots of textures and city vibes.
May 16th


2. Field photoshoot with lots of open space, relaxed poses and natural looks.
May 30th

Destination: Florida

Wisconsin is great and all but for those with wanderlust, we’re offering a free session for you down in Florida.  Just get in touch with us ahead of time so we can plan your custom tropical photoshoot.

Late April 2021

Friend shoot

Everything is more fun with a friend right? As a Model we will do a free shoot with you and your friends. Maybe you want to use it for prom, maybe you want to use it with the friends you volunteer with at the animal shelter, totally up to you. We will work with you ahead of time to pick a location, plan outfits, and make it fun!

May 22nd 2021

Family session

We have noticed time and time again that family pictures are lacking in most families homes. Sound familiar? We don’t want that to happen to our models, especially with college right around the corner. So we are offering you a free family session. Winter, spring, summer, fall, whenever you want. We’ll even gift you a free print for your wall at home.

October 2021


Have questions? The answers are below!
How do the actual senior sessions work? Hair and makeup?
Long before your actual senior session, we will email you our Senior Style Guide. That thing is AWESOME, it has pages and pages of outfit ideas, what to expect from your makeup artist, recommendations for props, and so much more!! It’s like 40 pages long and packed with info, you’re going to be super prepared.

Years ago we did a survey on what is a cause of stress before senior pictures and the number 1 thing was “doing my makeup and hair.” So we decided to eliminate that problem. We put ads out for a makeup artists. We contacted cosmetology schools throughout the state, from Paul Mitchel to Empire, to get their best recommendations on former students. We had a tremendous opportunity here because so many people go to school to do COOL stuff and most of the jobs around her are doing boring things like cutting kids hair. And here we are offering a dream job. After selecting two amazing artists, we invested in high end makeup, airbrusher, the works. We take care of everything and are making sure your senior session leaves nothing up to chance.

The day of your shoot will begin at the studio with our makeup artist. They’ll get you fully ready, volumize hair, add curls, airbrush make-up, contouring, eyelash extensions, lipstick or gloss, and more! After about an hour of getting pampered, we will go over all of your outfits you brought and match them with perfect locations outdoors and in-studio. Your total time here will be about two and half hours for the Expedition and 5 hours for the Odyssey!

So how much will my senior pictures cost?
Our two main senior sessions are the Expedition ($299)and the Odyssey ($599). The Expedition is the most popular and the one we recommend for our Models. The sitting fee is required at the time of booking and then whatever prints you want to order will be up to you! We truly have options to fit every budget and no minimum orders or premade packages!
No minimum orders? Really?
Yep. No minimum orders. No premade packages. You order whatever you want, it’s a simple as that.

We have some built in discounts, such as “buy 6 gift prints and get 2 more for free” but otherwise we flat out hate the idea of packages. No two households are the same, some want to order high end canvas collections to make their home an art gallery featuring their children. Other people have tons of relatives they need to get 8x10s for. And others have small families and really don’t need many wallets to hand out to friends either. We make sure it works for everyone.

So how does ordering pictures actually work?
To make ordering as stress free as possible, we do it in person at the studio about 2-3 days after your session. Yep, we’re that efficient! Your parents, grandparents, and whoever else you would like to bring are more than welcome to join us!

When you come in, you’ll be greeted by an amazing slideshow of YOUR pictures. That’s when you’ll “ooo” and “ahh” and dad will laugh and mom will cry and everyone will have a great time. After viewing your photos, we will show you all of the products that we offer and options for displaying your images not just as photographs but as art pieces. It is very helpful to be able to physically see and touch the options which is why we take the time to meet with you individually. We will help you with your order, create any custom designs, and answer any questions you may have! Most ordering appointments are about 30-45 minutes long.

3-4 week later we’ll give you a happy phone call saying that they’re in! We offer free personal delivery service as well as free in home installation for wall prints. Sometimes it’s best to let a professional do things right? 😉

$50 credit for every referral

For every person you refer to us, you get $50 in print credit. No limits. All they have to do is mention your name when they book their session and boom you’re all set!

10% off everything

Even if you don’t take advantage of anything else, you still get an automatic discount on anything you order. It’s as simple as that.

How do I get on the Model team?

I wana talk with you guys!

I want to meet you guys!

I'm ready, let's go!

Step 2

That’s it – you are officially a model! All you have to do is reserve your senior session with us and all the exclusive model bonuses are yours. No gimmicks, catches – our model team is spoiled with extras in addition to their epic senior session. (and don’t worry, there are no minimum orders or packages you are roped into) 😀