Aloha!We welcome you on your journey to finding the perfect senior photographer! Resolution is a husband (CJ) and wife (Jilane) team who’ve specialized in senior portraits for over a decade along with our talented in-studio makeup artists. What should you expect from your senior session? Energy, laughter, adventure, fashion, cutting edge lighting/styling, and a memory worthy of senior year. The senior picture process is more than just taking pictures to us, it a time to be completely YOU and have the time of your life celebrating that!

But enough from us, here is what our past clients have to say.

“I love that Celia’s photos express her personality and individuality with a unique artistic beauty. But, I also truly love them because I know her senior photo experiences with Resolution were created by Jilane and CJ to make some wonderful memories to go along with the beautiful photographs” – Jennifer

Photographer for the guys

Your favorite part of what you do?
To me, it’s about creating something that’s better than reality. Anyone can just take a picture of what’s there and say it’s good enough. What I like to do is show off someone in the best way possible, to be cooler looking and a step above what is ordinary.

5 things you like to do in your free time?
Set personal records at the gym, battle with my friends in Clash of Clans, play outside with my kids, listen to audiobooks/podcasts, debate random people online about superheros.

Dream senior picture theme?
I was in two worlds in highschool as both a jock and a geek so I’d want to do a session incorporating those things. So maybe someone doing some cool air kicks in a Jedi costume while I photoshop in Storm Troopers chasing him.

Which celebrity would you choose to do pictures for and why?
They say never to meet your heroes… but Lindsey Stirling. Since I first found her on youtube in 2012 ago I’ve loved her musical and artistic style. I love images that have movement and photographing a dancing violinist who’s a total geek would be the coolest thing ever.

Photographer for the girls
Your favorite part of what you do?
I love the challenge of creating unique pictures for each and every senior’s taste/style all while exploring a location to get just the right spot for them.  Plus it is so fun meeting all the seniors because they are all so different and its’ simply a blast just hanging out with them. Never a dull day!

5 things you like to do in your free time?
Have adventures with my boys, read or watch anything historical, all things DISNEY, be outdoors, shop.

Dream hair/makeup styling theme?
A Hawaiian session (including rainforest, volcano, beach and waterfalls) with vintage and boho clothing and some fabulous hair and makeup changes.

Which celebrity would you choose to do hair/makeup for and why?
Taylor Swift – her style and energy is the best! And she is always classy while still being crazy at the same time. Not basic.

We are located in the idealic north woods of Coleman, Wi. We are extremely easy to find and drive to (straight shot from Green Bay and Marinette) but our property offers the beauty and variety only northern Wi can provide. In addition to our fully modern indoor studio, the main reason we’re in the country is to maximize your photo session. We have lakes, rivers, fields, forests, waterfalls, and even urban looks on property or within a 5 minute drive so you get MORE time in front of the camera and LESS time needing to drive around between outfits.

It’s time to start planning your senior pictures!