learn how it's done

We offer day long mentorship training for those who learn by doing. You’ll learn core techniques and methods without having to deal with all the fluff associated with larger events.


cut the fluff

Each training session will be tailored to what YOU want to learn. Already great at communicating with clients before the shoot? No problem, we will focus on other areas for ya. There’s no upsell or “buy my other products” nonsense, just solid information you actually care about.

camera in your hand

It’s all well and good to watch a video or hear a speaker use words to tell you how he created a shot. It’s far better to actually hold your camera in your hand, compose a shot, adjust exposure, and instantly get constructive feedback so you can actually improve.

post production

With high end photography, post production and knowing how to tweak and enhance images is crucial and will only get more important. Learn complete workflow on use of lightroom and photoshop, both large quantity batch production and pulling up individual images to really take them to the next level.

the little details

In a world where anybody can buy a camera from Best Buy and call themselves a “photographer”, oftentimes it’s the little details that will set you apart. Smart use of social media, keeping a consistent brand, even your way of packaging and presenting the final prints can play a large roll in your clients experience!

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