About the shoot:

We had the coolest location for Marisa’s model shoot! We specifically picked this spot to go with her cute outfit and everything together has the natural vibe that we love so much.

About the model:

Craziest childhood memory:

I went to Universal Studios when I was younger and my family decided to ride this super fast roller coaster. I decided to sit in the front seat, and because of the speed I was actually pulled from my seat and was practically dangling by my feet during the upside down portions of the ride. 

Thing I’m most excited for senior year:

I am most excited to make some final memories with my friends before we all leave for college. 

My dream is:

To find a job I love, and succeed! 

When I’m happy I:

I am happiest when I’m stress free, and surrounded by my friends and family! 

Next bucket list item I’m going to attempt:

Traveling out of the country😊

Scariest thing I ever did:

Besides the roller coaster experience I would have to say the scariest thing I have ever done would be watching a scary movie and spending the night home alone.

One word people use to describe me:


Why I chose Resolution: 

I chose Resolution because I had seen a few people do their senior pictures with them. I had thought that all of their photoshoots were so creative and amazing, and I wanted to have my senior photos leave me feeling the same way! 


It’s time to start planning your senior pictures!