About the shoot:

Does it get any more fun than doing a Disney photo shoot? I think not 😉 We decided to go with the lesser praised side of Cinderella for something a bit more unique. We loved getting to do pretty pictures while still getting the grit and dirt that goes along with that part of the story. Hats off to Maria who captured the Cinderella mood perfectly!

About the model:


Craziest childhood memory:


When I was really little, my family and I were going to bike to McDonalds, when I fell and cut my lip so deep that I had to be taken to the emergency room.  My mom  said that even after all of that, I kept asking to get McDonalds.


Thing I’m most excited for senior year:


I’m so excited to have a good time with my friends before we all go to college!


My dream is:


I want to go to college, get married, and travel lots!


When I’m happy I:


When I’m with my family and friends traveling around and trying new things.


Next bucket list item I’m going to attempt:


This summer I am going to sleep under the stars at some point.


Scariest thing I ever did:


This might be kinda lame, but one time I went on a waterslide where the floor drops out from under your feet. I was so scared!


One word people use to describe me:


Outgoing I guess lol

Why I choose Resolution:


CJ and Jilane are so fun and make me even more excited for my senior pictures and all the shoots I get to do!

It’s time to start planning your senior pictures!