About the shoot:

Our local grungy tennis court served (pun, haha) as a perfect location for this shoot. Our goal was to create something urban but with a epic tennis look and everything fell into place perfectly, cant get enough of these images!

About the model:

Craziest childhood memory:

When I was three years old I got lost in a trailer park and ended up at a retired  sheriffs house and he ended up bringing me back to my grandma’s thankfully

Thing I’m most excited for senior year:

Senior lasts, FNL,  enjoying more time with friends

My dream is:

To help as many people as possible in my life

I’m happiest when:

I’m with my Family


Next bucket list item I’m going to attempt:

Go outside of the country preferably Europe,  however beggars can’t be choosers

Scariest thing I ever did:

One time when I was in middle school I went to this Bible camp with my best friend at the time and in the lake they have this 12 foot high dive and the rule was that  when you got up the ladder onto the high dive you couldn’t come back down. I didn’t realize how high 12 feet was until I was looking over the edge and then I started crying. As I was crying a bunch of kids were yelling me to jump off because they wanted their turn. Eventually I did jump off but I would say that was pretty scary 😂

One word people use to describe me:


Why I choose Resolution:

I chose resolution because I didn’t just want basic senior photos I wanted photos that would express myself and my personality all through a lens.  I also have a lot of friends that have gone through resolution.

It’s time to start planning your senior pictures!