About the shoot:

We had settled on a starry night theme for Kaylin’s shoot but as luck would have it we ended up with rain in the forecast. The rain cleared out just in time and left us with some super dramatic skies. No stars but I think the epic clouds make up for it, don’t you? So enjoy our revised theme, a fairytale evening stroll shoot!

About the model:

Craziest childhood memory:

TP-ing another cabin in the middle of the night at a gymnastics camp with my friends- while trying not to get caught… (We got caught anyway)

Thing I’m most excited for senior year:

I’m excited to make tons of memories with my friends and to count down the days till graduation!

My dream is:

To be able to travel all over the world.

I’m happiest when:

I’m laughing with people I love.


Next bucket list item I’m going to attempt:

Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon. (Or get as close as possible)

Scariest thing I ever did:

Went on my first-ever upside down roller coaster.

One word people use to describe me:


Why I chose Resolution:

I LOVE the unique photo ideas, fun atmosphere, and memorable experiences when working with CJ and Jilane!

It’s time to start planning your senior pictures!