About the shoot:

We headed to a local coffee house (can you tell which one?) for Courtney’s model shoot. Our shoot consisted of; getting in sips of coffee in between shots, attempting to not get run over by random people trying to get their caffeine fix, and a lot of laughing at the ceiling – because why not. Can you get through these pictures without craving some coffee? #notme

About the model:

Craziest childhood memory:

Climbing mountains in New Hampshire!

Thing I’m most excited for senior year:

Graduation. Duh. But also spending as much time as I possibly can with my girls!

My dream is:

Live the best life that I can for myself and for others!

I’m happiest when:

I’m sharing happiness with others!


Next bucket list item I’m going to attempt:

Getting my first tattoo!!

Scariest thing I ever did:

Zip lining through the rainforest in Cancun!

One word people use to describe me:


Why I choose Resolution:

Their style of photography is just so fun! You can tell that they really bring out the personality of their models through the photos and that aspect appealed to me the most I believe.

It’s time to start planning your senior pictures!