About the shoot:

With the never ending winter we are having this year, we just had to do a tropical theme for Amelia’s model shoot. Hopefully this shoot brightens your spring up (and sorry not sorry if you are now craving ice cream). Thanks Smart Cow in Green Bay for letting us have a blast pretending its summer at your location while enjoying your epic ice cream.

About the model:

Craziest childhood memory:

It was my family’s new year’s eve party and my mom left her wine cooler on the table and my little 4 y/o brain went and drank it…(not all), couple minutes later i was walking over to my mom and i ended up running into the wall! 😂

Thing I’m most excited for senior year:

To figure out what i’m gonna be doing for the rest of my life, and where i’m going to be living (somewhere warm!) (: hate winter. 

My dream is:

My dream is to be successful, doing something I love. I don’t want to be that person that says “i’m going to do this, i’m gonna do that” and not go through with anything. I want to be the person that does everything! 

When I’m happy I:

When i’m at the beach and somewhere warm! 



Next bucket list item I’m going to attempt:

I really just want to travel the world! There is so much to see! 

Scariest thing I ever did:

There was pier at my resort in mexico and i jumped off of it and honestly it was just really scary because i couldn’t see what was underneath me, but it ended up being really fun once I calmed down. 

One word people use to describe me: Why I choose Resolution:


Why I choose Resolution:

I’ve always thought your work was amazing!



It’s time to start planning your senior pictures!