One of the best parts of winter in northern Wisconsin is the chance for magical pictures and we made sure to take advantage of the snow this year with a couple of shoots. For obvious reasons we tend to shoot our winter sessions as quickly as possible but thankfully this year all of our shoots had balmy 30 degree weather so we got to play in the snow a bit longer than normal (all except our winter dancer, it was about 5 degrees and windy. Pretty sure Antarctica would have looked like a tropical island to us on that day). The snowy photo shoots are typically styled for either cute, casual winter wear or for a fancy, ethereal look. If you are more a laid back person you would want to go with the casual look since its more relaxed and chill (get it? chill, haha!). For the more adventurous person we can style fancy dresses, fur coats and enchanted accessories. Both styles are so much fun and we really can’t recommend a winter session enough. What better way to get variety and something different than in the snow. And since we have snow about half the year we might as well make good use out of it right? 😉