This has been a post long in the making, we actually did the photography side of things last year. We were waiting for spring to thaw things out so we could go by an actual lake to create a cgi composite but by time it got warm, we were crazy busy with seniors and weddings so this went on the back burner. This was the sort of thing where if we were going to do it, we wanted to do it RIGHT and not rush anything. So at long last we present to you The Little Mermaid cosplay senior pictures! Enjoy!

Ariel boat
This one was inspired by the scene “kiss the girl” where Ariel is trying to get Prince Eric to kiss her so she can stay human. This was our favorite little mermaid outfit with the giant cute bow and we couldn’t help but have a hand drawn Flounder the fish!

Ariel water cosplay
This one was inspired by what we could imagine Ariel thinking when she walked along the beach. Although she dreamed her whole life of being able to walk around on land, her heart still belonged to the sea so this “standing in both worlds” concept seemed to fit her personality perfectly!

The little mermaid cosplay
This one was the most cartoony and the one I was excited for the most. When we first got the movie on DVD at an early menu screen there is a short animated image of Ariel sitting on a rock eclipsed by the moonlight and I wanted to pay a special tribute to that shot. Except in this version, she has legs haha!