As an artist, I’m always wanting to do something new and push the boundaries of what is normally possible. When I saw the first 300 movie I was blown away at the visual quality and FEEL of the movie. It was gritty, raw, and just had a overall style to it that I was mesmorized with. I am a huge fan of history and having one of the most famous battles in history come to the big screen was just awesome.

So last summer when I heard they were making a sequel, I was like “Ok, I GOTTA do something cool for this. But what?” I then decided to do a 300 cosplay (cosplay means the practice of dressing up as a character from a movie, book, or video game). So I spent a few months planning, bought armor and swords here and there, had some designers make clothing, and even went out to Washington state just to get the backgrounds for the images. Even though I’m the guy behind the camera I was totally psyched to get in front of it at some point so I spent weeks in the weightroom, watching calories, cut out soda, basically did everything I could to get the body to match the armour. I also enlisted the help of two more models to really help get a good variety.

This page contains 3 of the “movie poster” images that I intended to recreate, the first two are from the Rise of an Empire movie and the last one is set during the rain storm in the original film as King Leonidas looks out over the ocean. Be sure to leave feedback and comments below, if I see a lot of good things from this shoot I’ll continue with these epic pictures in the future. Thank you very much and enjoy!

300 Rise of an Empire Cosplay

300 Rise of an Empire Themistocles cosplay

300 King Leonidas thermopylae Cosplay