We had an amazing time with the UWSP University of Wisconsin Stevens Point cheer team team this year! We got great individual shots as well as a clean “classic” team picture but what we’re most proud of is our “epic team poster.” This composite image is a blend of over 80 images overlayed to create something astounding and truly one of a kind. The night along the ocean is actually at Olympic National park in Washington state where we visited in spring of 2012 as both photography class as well as fun getaway. At the time we had no idea what those images were destined to become, a giant wall poster to hang up on campus in Stevens Point! 🙂





I apologize for the long list of images, this blog format is brand new and still figuring out how to maximize images to work on all browsers. So for now the best option is to just make a giant tile of images for you to scroll through. 😛 Thank you for your patience!