We had an amazing time with the girls from the Ashwaubenon senior dance team! For years we’ve seen normal “team pictures” and wanted to pioneer something truly unique here in Northeastern WI, we’re calling them the Epic Team Posters and they’re awesome! While most people would normally think of us as highschool senior photographers we really wanted to stand apart as the studio that does something epic.

The inspiration behind this one was to make something “bright and fun” so we came up with the cloud concept, there is also another edgier poster you can check out here. These senior girls packed up and traveled to our studio in Coleman and were a blast to hang out with. Everyone would laugh and support the other girls as it was their time in front of the camera and we had to get multiple shots sometimes because we were laughing so hard! In the end the image of them bursting out of the clouds perfectly captured the spirit of the day. Cheesy as it sounds. :p  Enjoy and comment below if you like it!