Hello everyone, we had a great time with ya at the 2017 Ashwaubenon Dance Invitational and are thrilled to show you your fabulous skills!

We’re doing things a bit differently this year.  We’re going to also be making ALL the images free!! This means everything we captured, from the epic photobooth to the solos to the duets, are free for you to download and post as you please. Cool huh?

Coaches that wish to use any of these images for yearbook or other school use, please contact us directly for more information at CJ@resolutionseniors.com as we have different options for you. Don’t forget to ask how you can get one of our Epic Team posters for YOUR team! We make the process easy and fun and would be happy to answer any questions you might have!

Epic photobooth picture download

Our gift to you.

I have ALL of them available for download right here! Make it your profile picture, share it on instagram, do whatever you would like.

Free download of all solo/duet/small group

Yes, free.

You may have noticed one of us standing there all day taking pictures of the routines on stage, we did this for a reason. Not all parents and coaches had a chance to photograph as they performed so we did it for you. We are hosting these images on dropbox so go ahead and download, print it, and share with your friends!

Epic Team Posters

Want awesome pictures for your team?

We know you do, and thankfully we happen to be very good at that sorta thing. Coaches or dancers interested in seeing some examples of what we mean by “epic dance posters” can go through click the picture above. Once you see samples of our work you can contact us and start the process of getting something custom made for your team too! Link here